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Android Studio Tip #004: Finding concrete methods of Interfaces

Have you ever found yourself navigating through code and ending up at an Interface, instead of the concrete implementation you were hoping for? During Yun Cheng's talk - MVP The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Presentation Layer (at 360 AndDev), her and her team uncovered that exact command.

Android Studio Tip #003: Swap Intention Action

Today’s tip is going to be short and sweet. I was testing an internal library that I had little experience with a few days ago, when I noticed that for one method invocation I had reversed the inputs. This was partially to do with the lack of documentation and the fact that this legacy library lacked human readable parameter names, but I digress. The problem I had was that this method invocation was used enough that I didn’t want to swap all of the values by hand. 

Android Studio Tip #001: Bookmarks and Favorites

Chances are if you are an Android developer there are a bunch of really amazing features hiding in Android Studio that you have probably yet to discover. I am definitely not the exception to that and yesterday I stumbled upon (/took the time to understand) a few features that have so far made my life much easier. These features are Bookmarks and Favorites.