TextView and Localization @ Droidcon NYC

If you are reading this there is a distinct possibility that you have made it to my site today from the talk I gave at DroidCon NYC. If not no worries shortly after my talk is made available online I will write another post covering my talk in full detail. Other wise here are some links I have found helpful when dealing with TextViews and Localization. This is by no means an exhaustive list and I am always looking to find new resources that help us as developers make apps that people love, so please feel free to share those with me.

TextView and Text Rendering




Robotium System Testing GDG Talk

While Unit and Integration testing in mobile software is a great way to help maintain quality and produce stable software, testing user interaction until more recently has been done solely by humans. System testing for Mobile isn't a new concept and yet is very hard to accomplish. System Testing with Robotium can help Android Developers shorten the feedback loop between QA and will help developers to start thinking the way users will actually use their software. My presentation discusses the why, what, when, where and how of System Testing with Robotium.