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to Aug 27

Droidcon NYC – Redux for Android

Come see me give a talk about my experiences with Redux architecture on mobile and how it can help level up the architecture of your app to be more testable, debuggable and overall easier to understand.

About Droidcon NYC

Droidcon is a community-based gathering of all things Android in NYC. We're back for the 5th edition of droidcon NYC! If you've participated past years you know the vibe, we work with sponsors to create custom activations that get attendees excited and interacting with your team / product.

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to Jul 20

AnDev Con 360 – Library Developer Confidential

For the last several years of my career me and my team have been tasked with creating and maintaining libraries that handle complex bluetooth communication and Android UI. In this talk we will go over setting up library projects for success, bootstrapping an architecture that will allow you to grow with minimal collisions and boilerplate, how to build/deploy multiple libraries while trying to debug without losing your sanity and more. At the end of this talk it is my hope you will feel confident enough to start and maintain your own library project. This talk is part gradle, part java/kotlin and absolutely free of Git Submodules.

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8:30 AM08:30

Droidcon NYC – How to Achieve the Best Experience for Multi-Window

If you aren’t handling config changes in your app and you plan on targeting Android N, you may be in for a rude awakening. Unlike most features released Multi-Window happens to be opt out only. What this means for you and your users is a whole new way to experience your app. Let’s talk about how to manage upgrading your app and how Multi-Window affects your design and some possible strategies to make this the best experience for your users.

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to Oct 23

BABBQ – Being an Advocate for Android

“We can just port this from iOS to Android” If you are an Android engineer then chances are you have heard this phrase many times in the past few years. It may even be because of this phrase that you are here today. I am no exception to this quandary, numerous times in my career I have found myself responding to this question or others like it. The first time I heard this I became irritated because certainly any designer working in the mobile industry already knew everything about Android. I quickly realized that this wasn’t one person neglecting the beloved Android platform. The problem is a lack of day to day experience with the platform. From that day forward I decided I will not contribute to the growing divide between the Android organization and the rest of my company. That was the day I became an advocate for Android.

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4:20 PM16:20

Droidcon NYC – TextView how to turn design into reality for multiple languages

The TextView seems to be a fairly innocent and easy to use widget when building out UI for Android. However, when your app is targeting multiple locales, changing things like line spacing and line spacing multiplier can cause major issues. Join me as we talk through how text is rendered on a screen to some common pitfalls of developing with the TextView in multiple languages.

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